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10th December, 2019: RED TORPEDO – BUILT FOR SPEED | Job Done

Built for Speed has been our mantra from day one. Raising the bar with our famous quality, building gear that lasts, and stands the pace.

We can blow off about it until we’re blue in the face, believe me we do! Instead, why not listen to what our riders have to say about our gear. Our Red Riders are our harshest critics. No messing, no mincing their words. Join us in our final video of the series as we get a few words from the Red Riders talking about their relationship with Red Torpedo through the years. Hear what they have to say when Bill, our esteemed gaffer, left the room.

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Red Torpedo Supporting American Flat Track


American Flattrack is an amazing spectacle. Incredible skill , speed, and grit, racing at ridiculous speeds on screaming machines around loose cinder tracks . Seeing is truly believing.

We are proud sponsors of two of the leading lights , Jared Mees , 5 times AFT Champion, and Shayna Texter, a fantastic Champion in the making.

They asked us to design and build a range of outstanding casual gear , which you can check out and buy using the links above.

Videos to come – watch this space.

27th November, 2019: CONOR CUMMINS | Grit & Determination

The fifth video in our series, this week Red Torpedo sits down with their tallest Red Rider; 'The Flying Barista'.

Conor Cummins' journey from major injuries sustained in the Isle of Man Senior TT race of 2010, which threatened to end his career, to winning a clutch of podium places in 2018 and 2019, is nothing short of remarkable. He’s a superb motorcycle racer, whose quiet, unassuming character belies his bravery and self-belief, openly sharing his appreciation of the strength that can be drawn on from family and friends to get through really tough times.

See and hear his story for yourself in this short, intimate interview. Make sure to like and subscribe so that you don't miss any of our exclusive rider videos.




Video Archive

20th November, 2019: DEAN HARRISON | Flat Out and Fearless

The fourth video in our series, this week we sit down with recently crowned Senior TT winner, Dean Harrison. Dean is a natural born road race, at the top of his game. He’s also a cracking lad, with both feet firmly planted on the deck, like his Dad, Conrad.

Winning his first Senior TT this year, adding to his ever growing list of podiums, he knows what it takes, but is also aware that you’re only as good as your last race. So, all to play for in 2020.

Check out our short video to get a sense of what makes him the calibre of man, and rider, that he is. Make sure to like and subscribe so that you don't miss any of our exclusive rider videos.


The third video in our series. This week we catch up with Lee Johnston whilst he was testing at Croft. Rooted in Northern Ireland, arguably the heartland of road racing, growing up with the Dunlop family, it’s no mystery as to why Lee Johnston knew early on that he wanted to race motorcycles professionally, to the dismay of his schoolteachers.

Winning his first TT this year, growing into fatherhood, dealing with the tragic death of his close friend William Dunlop, Lee is a remarkable racer and personality, at the top of his game. This short video captures all this and more in an intimate, down to earth insight into the man.


In our week two video, we talked to Guy Martin what makes him tick, what makes him keep pushing the boundaries and what he really thinks about racing at the Isle of Man TT.