Price Review

I agreed some time ago that when the opportunity arose we would reduce our prices, giving you even better value for your money.

We recently reviewed our UK Distribution and have decided to take this in house. As a result we have created some cost savings , which I’m delighted to pass on in the form of reduced retail prices across our whole range.

The average price reduction is 15%, giving you a significant saving.

For example, our Mens tees will now cost £27.99, down from £32.99, our ladies tees will cost £26.99, down from £31.99. Mens pullover hoodies will now start at £57.99, down from £69.99, our ladies hoodies will start at £54.99, down from £64.99.

Our Superior quality design and build values remain the same , so no changes here.

You can check out the full raft of revised prices at your leisure but we have a selection of our favourites below.

I hope this news is music to your ears, and would also like to take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks for your continued custom.