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Red Torpedo, the quality casual wear brand for bikers and motorcycle racing fans, has a great range of biker accessories and gifts including wallets and key rings; beanies, buffs & caps; and stickers & embroidered badges.

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Biker Wallets 

Red Torpedo's fans and friends have been asking us to produce some wallets and we've now added a couple to our product range of accessories and gifts.

Bikers and leather go together - so the two new wallets are 100% cowhide with a wax and oil finish. The hide has a really soft feel and carries the distinctive logos for our two new sub brands - Ton Up and Mean Bird Motorcycles.

Ton Up celebrates cafe racer culture - the Brit "street racers" with their clip ons and rear sets that the Rockers and '59 Clubbers' of the 50s and 60s made so famous. The inspiration for Mean Bird Motorcycles lies in the individualism of custom bike building  from bobbers and baggers to streetfighters and trackers.

Biker walletThey'll fit comfortably into any side pocket of a pair of jeans or inside pocket of a biker's jacket. The Mean Bird Motorcycles wallet comes in a tan hide and Ton Up in a really cool dark slate grey. Both are presented in an attractive presentation box embossed with the respective brand logos.The wallets are bi-fold style for notes and cards and are well in keeping with Red Torpedo's top deck quality standards.

 Biker Buffs

A good buff's a useful piece of kit for any biker. They're so versatile and can be worn either as a scarf or neck warmer tucked into a motorcycle jacket, or as a neckerchief tied loosely round the neck. They're also brilliant as a balaclava under a helmet for added comfort and warmth - or as a hairband or bandana if you're more of a free renegade spirit or have been watching "Easy Rider" for the tenth time. There are many celebrity buff wearers to draw inspiration from so if you're cultivating a Keith Richards, 'Becksy,' or Johnny Depp look, (give this some careful consideration first though), you'd better start rockin' a buff! There are two new designs to choose from as part of the new Ton Up and Mean Bird Motorcycle brands - so again, check them out at the link above.

Biker buff

Biker Beanies and Caps

Once the preserve of mountaineers, beanies have become universally adopted and have gone through a few style variations along the way - such as slouch, peaked and bobble. Everyone loves a good beanie and extreme sports enthusiasts and their followers "go big" on them. It's no surprise that motorcycle racers and fans are no different. Bike racers like John McGuinness and Lee Johnston are well into them and apart from during the summer months, always seem to be kitted out in a beanie. Red Torpedo's beanies are made of a 55% Poly / 45% Acrylic mix and carry the Guy Martin Spannerskull logo. One is  reversible and is in black and maroon, the other comes in grey.

Our caps come in both snapback and skip cap styles - the skip being the more traditional style baseball cap with a low rise front and curved peak. The snapback - with its straight front peak and high rise front originated from the baseball world but was soon adopted by hip-hop and R & B cultures. Now they're everywhere and have become popular with many riders and fans. Scott Redding, Rossi, Tai Woffinden and Lee Johnston are all into the style and more younger women are now going for a snapback as their cap of choice.

Bike Stickers and Badges

Most fans of subcultures - irrespective of whether they're into specific bands or music genres, WW2 piston engined aircraft, cars or bikes, love stickers and badges to express their individuality and communicate their passions to the wider world. Bikers definitely love them! Just check this fella out - spotted at an Ace Cafe London to Brighton Burn Up. He's the type of dude that's always up for a new badge!

Badge Man

Our embroidered sew-on badges come in various styles for garments such as denim and leather jackets. We also do a range of stickers - including Guy Martin's "Spannerskull" and John McGuinness's "McPint" logos for applying to hard surfaces.

Guy MartinSpannerskull stickerJohn McGuinness McPint sticker


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