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Ethical Policy 2023

Sustainability is integral to our business strategy, and a key differentiator which contributes to our ethos of producing garments that are “Made to Last”. In recent years it has become alto apparent that we all need to play our part in protecting our planet and we believe that the apparel industry needs to step up it’s effort too. 

As an independent brand we believe in transparency and act as a trend setter, not only in the products that we produce, but in our materials, methods and mindsets. Ethical and Sustainable production is one of our core principles as a company and as such we have set clear, ambitious targets with our aim to contribute to abolishing fast-fashion trends and provide our customers with a product they know is produced as best as possible in every sense.

Having spent almost two decades associated with motorsport, there is a lot of inspiration to be taken from that industry and their drive to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable across all categories of the sport. With the developments of hybrid engines and synthetic fuels, motorsport is the pinnacle of innovation, and it’s this mindset we believe that the apparel industry can learn so much from.

Careful consideration is given at every point in our processes, from sourcing sustainably produced cotton to reducing wastage and energy use in our factories and even our shipping methods and biodegradable recycled packaging. All these details, however small, accumulate to something much greater.

Consumer education is never easy, but with the evolution in consumer spending habits and attitudes, we as a society are beginning to buy, act and think more sustainably in everything we do. Fashion is no exception.

Buying Better encompasses so many aspects in the manufacturing of apparel. Longevity in clothing is a critical component of this; increasing the durability of a material doesn’t have to come with an environmental cost, in fact, quite the opposite. We aim to show the industry that it can be done, and should be.

Our Business

Red Torpedo is a fast-growing and evolving casualwear brand for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.

We produce high-quality garments from sustainably sourced materials and ship to our customers across the globe. Red Torpedo works closely with our Brand Ambassadors (the “Red Riders”) to exclusively produce their merchandise as well as develop our own-brand signature range in limited edition runs – once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The company sells its products through it’s dedicated e-commerce websites as well as to wholesale & retail customers, further increasing it’s distribution network.

Red Torpedo is based in Scotland, with our HQ in Glasgow and partner factories in Portugal and across the UK.

supply chain

Supply chains are integral parts of any business, and we are no exception. At Red Torpedo, we work in tandem with everyone in our network including our distribution partners and our factories, to ensure we meet the high-quality standards our customers expect, playing our part in continually improving the sustainability and environmental impact across our supply chain.

Although we produce garments in limited runs, we only ship in time for our seasonal releases, meaning we reduce our carbon footprint to the least possible. Partnering with couriers who share our green ethos, we carefully select our shipping times and methods to ensure we meet our customers expectations whilst keeping the planet in mind.

Since our founding in 2002, one of the main focusses was to create a brand with phenomenal quality garments produced in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Almost 20 years later we’re still living by this and have now created our new sustainability mission – Project: Green Torpedo.

This effort to be transparent and show the industry the way is a process of continuous improvement and can be categorized by the three M’s: Materials, Methods and Mindsets.

Project: Green Torpedo launched in 2022 in-line with lots of product development within the business. Being sustainable isn’t achieved through one or even a couple of processes, it’s about innovating at every stage and touch point at Red Torpedo.
Many products exist in the market which are produced from sustainably sourced materials, but their processes often involve energy-intense resources which contributes to the climate crisis we are all experiencing. Our 3 key strategic pillars are:

1. Materials – be transparent and responsible in the sourcing and production processes involved in raw materials

2. Methods – continuously improve the methods and processes involved at every stage. Reduce wastage and energy use and make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint.

3. Mindset – Be innovative in order to improve. Always think with people and the planet in mind

Together, this ideology contributes and drives us towards our business’ sustainability goals. Project Green Torpedo is the roadmap to our ambition of minimizing the impact we have on the planet but maximizing it in our industry.