Check out our Continental run video - from the Glemseck 101 to the North Circular and the Ace Cafe London

Check out this video from our Continental Run, shot over four days featuring myself, Conrod Cummins and a  bunch of guys from the USA and Europe with one thing in common – the love of riding motorcycles. The route took us  from the Glemseck 101 event near Stuttgart in Germany to Ace Café London 

This is the first time I’ve been on an extended ride with a bunch of guys I had met, but didn’t know too much about. What came through was a real sense of camaraderie, irrespective of ability, experience or nationality. You forget how good it is to meet new folk, share stories, and generally get out of your comfort zone. As a relatively inexperienced long distance rider, I also got a lot out of watching the other more experienced guys on the road, asking questions and receiving nothing but supportive feedback and advice.

We got on famously as a group, enjoying plenty of laughs and good moments over the four days, a mix of stunning scenery, superb roads from twisty hairpins to open plains and of course great traditional food and beers at the end of each day. It was a reminder of how fantastically diverse  Europe is as a continent with different food, language, beer, wine, architecture and scenery across each border.

The bikes ranged from my own Triumph Bobber, which I love even more now, to older Nortons, Bonnevilles, Beemers and a clutch of beautiful new BMW R9T’s.

In short, it was a blast, for which I am truly grateful to my old mate,  Hans Peter from Ace Café Germany who came up with the idea, pulled it together and made sure we got lost at least once a day – all part of a great adventure.

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