Fabulous February: Sample Sale, Production Approved & Charity Drop Feedback

As the saying goes, "Out with the old, in with the new!" February is typically a slow month for retail, but we decided to shake things up and try a different approach to our marketing strategy. We also find out the impact our recent charity drop did and we have finally sent our '24 Red Rider merchandise into production.

Switching It Up.

In order to stay ahead in the constantly evolving world of fashion, we understand the importance of adapting and switching up our marketing strategies. As we entered into the month of February, we had some exciting changes in store that would not only benefit our brand but also our loyal customers. We decided to pull back on all social activity and focus on our subscribers. Acknowledging the significance of individuality, we've taken a bold step to ensure that our subscribers receive content that resonates with their preferences. No more one-size-fits-all approach – welcome to a world where your inbox becomes a curated showcase, exclusively designed for you. We also launched our annual Sample Sale which, once again, was a huge hit! We had an obscene amount of samples from our factories to ex-display from the previous season. They were just sitting in our meeting room taking up vital space for future production visuals, that we decided to host this years Sample Sale early. Well, you wiped us out! Prices started from as little as £9 and you guys did not hold back. For that, we thank you for the support.

Merch is Being Made.

The Red Rider collections are finally in production! With months of hard work and collaboration behind us, we are excited to reveal that our latest merchandise for John McGuinness MBE, Conor Cummins, Lee Johnston, and Dean Harrison is currently being produced by our trusted European factories for the upcoming 2024 race season. Our talented designer, Robin, has collaborated closely with each rider to ensure that the merchandise reflects their unique personalities.

Helping the Homeless

Back in December we donated over 1000 pieces of clothing to our chosen charity, Social Bite, whom we have supported for over 6 years. This was our largest drop yet, but their campaign was covering between Glasgow & Edinburgh, so we wanted to try and give away as much as we possibly could. Barbara, who is the innovation leader at Social Bite, got back to us to tell us what impact our donation made over the winter. Our garments were distributed to just over 40 charities across Fife, West Lothian, Edinburgh, Dundee & Glasgow. We received specific feedback around our donation from 1 charity partner in Fife called Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project who have given permission to share. The manager Joy Patrick said:

"I am a bike enthusiast. I recognised this brand right away. I could not believe it! All the people we support were gifted these t-shirts. The variety of sizes helped. The t-shirts are excellent quality. Our clients were so appreciative. For some, it was the only gift they received. We couldn't do this without Social Bite. Sharing kindness and showing those we support they are valued is important. We just cannot underestimate the feeling of worth can do, for those healing having experienced the trauma of abuse. Thank you!"

As we look back on February, significant strides have been made in our marketing tactics and we remain focused on driving our factories to meet our goal of delivering our collections by mid April.

Photo's by Red Torpedo

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