From Warehouse Day to Production Delays

The month of March was a challenging period for the business, as we faced numerous difficulties that impacted our operations and productivity. From unexpected delays in production to struggles with inventory management, it seemed like every aspect of our business was being tested.

Unexpected Changes: Discussing any unexpected changes or setbacks that occurred in March, such as disagreements or changing plans

March was a month full of unexpected changes and setbacks for our team. It started off with high hopes and ambitious goals, but as the month progressed, we faced numerous challenges that tested our resilience and adaptability.

Some of you may not know this, but we are only a team of 7. We have been working on something for a couple of months now and, although we have our individual responsibilities, we do a huge amount of work as a team. However, this comes with a whole host of different opinions. After working so well on what's been one of the most intense projects we have faced, along the way we have had a number of varied perspectives. We have been working on such a tight schedule and pushing forward to meet deadlines that we realised we were no longer focusing on the bigger picture. It was disheartening to see our team divided over things that we have all worked so hard on but we just had to re-set, re-focus, re-adjust. This is where communication is key. After a number of discussions, we embraced our different perspectives and moved forward with renewed unity and focus on the path ahead. 

Our Monthly Warehouse Day: How it helps the business & minds

This year, we started hosting a warehouse day on the last Friday of every month. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the business. First and foremost, warehouse day involves a thorough inventory check of all the products. This includes conducting physical counts & updating records. By doing so, we are able to keep track of our stock levels accurately and avoid any potential sellouts. In addition to inventory management, this day focuses on optimising the layout of our warehouse. We really went to town throwing out junk. If it's been sitting there for more than 3 years, it needs to go! Embarrassingly, we ended up letting go of a number of boxes filled with trims and fabrics that have been sitting in the warehouse for more than 10 years!! This day is slowly becoming one of the most vital & most fun activities on the calendar. It's not only physically cleaning your work space but it also works wonders mentally. We have a laugh, we get a Greggs for lunch, we do a quiz...all these little things make it so important to take part in, to build the team.

Production Delays: Our biggest obstacle

Production delays can pose significant challenges for any business, and regrettably, Red Torpedo has encountered them a bit too frequently. Some factors are within our control, while others are beyond it. As highlighted in our first blog post of the year, we recently partnered with a new supplier for 2024. While initially filled with excitement, we soon realised the magnitude of this undertaking. Transitioning from established relationships with factories that were familiar with our preferences in trims, labels, fabrics, and even our t-shirt bags, to starting anew with a different supplier, presented a considerable upheaval.

Currently, we are in the process of familiarising ourselves with the new supplier's procedures, with colour swatches arriving incessantly and multiple rounds of prototypes being evaluated. Maintaining our commitment to quality has always been paramount, and ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed inevitably extends our timeline.

Another reason things are slow is, wait for it... NEW PRODUCT! Yup, new products, can you believe it?! Creating a new product that you have never produced before can be challenging ... so we decided to add 6!! Although these endeavors are taking longer than initially anticipated, we assure you that the end results will be well worth the wait. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we're working diligently to deliver products of the highest quality. Thank you for your continued support.

Photo's by Red Torpedo/Marcus Cole


  • Dawne

    Great to read the insights of the business and team. Love the quality of your kit, keep up the great work team.

  • Cathy Fitzgerald

    All your hard work is worth it because your products are just the best quality and never go out of fashion!! Being heavily involved in road racing in Northern Ireland I appreciate your clothing line more than you could ever know and my 2 young fellas Christmas lists are just full of Red Torpedo clothing this past few years! Keep up the good work guys and girls.

  • David Howarth

    Don’t worry everything I’ve bought from you has been top quality delivered on time and at a fair price. The tee shirts, hoodies etc from china are total crap best wishes with the business for many years to come I’m sure you’ll work through all the problems that you’ve had and be stronger in the future and go from strength to strength. Best wishes Dave 👍

  • Dave

    I’ve always been happy with the service you provide. Keep up the good work 👍

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