The Energy is Back

What a transformation from March to April! It's incredible how things can turn around. Our team has rediscovered its spark, and we're moving forward with exciting plans. We've organised our annual ambassador photoshoot and are diligently preparing for this year's race season, which kicks off soon. The energy is back as we gear up for what promises to be an exhilarating and successful time ahead. Here's to embracing the positive momentum and making the most of our renewed passion and focus!

Igniting the spark again

With our long-awaited samples now in hand and production gaining momentum, our team is feeling a renewed sense of purpose and focus. After taking the time to regroup and regain control of our projects, we are back on track and moving towards our end goals with clarity and determination. It's amazing how a bit of organisation and perseverance can shift our mindset and elevate our productivity. Together, we're embracing this positive energy and pushing forward towards achieving our objectives.

Samples approved, sponsorships agreed, photoshoot...pending

We've received the Red Rider samples for our collections featuring John McGuinness, Conor Cummins, Lee Johnston, and Dean Harrison. Inspired by these new arrivals, we have organised our annual ambassador photo shoot in a popular location—a concept that has us wondering why we hadn't thought of it sooner! It's exciting to explore innovative ways to showcase our products alongside our talented ambassadors. We're looking forward to capturing some incredible images and creating buzz around our brand and partnerships ahead of their Road Racing season.

The usual last minute rush making changes to our events stand

As we gear up for the upcoming season and prepare to set up our pop-up shop in multiple location's across Europe, we've committed to making significant improvements to our event stand. While we don't like to brag, we've consistently received high praise from customers for the interior layout of our stand. It's even amusing to note that some other vendors have adopted our ideas for their own pitch! We take pride in our visual merchandising and our commitment to creating an effortless shopping experience for our customers. This year, we're aiming to raise the bar with enhancements that will make our setup bigger and better than ever before. With the expertise of our designer and handyman, Robin, we're confident that we're crafting what could be our most impressive pop-up shop yet. We'll be testing out various elements at Oulton Park and Donnington, with the final showcase planned for this year's Isle of Man TT races.

With this in mind, we can't wait to get back out on the road and see our race family and meet new faces. It truly is the best part of the job!

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