Mean Bird Motorcycles

It’s easy to think of the custom bike building scene as big, grotesque choppers, bling'd up to the handlebars, dripping with over the top trims and tat.

This is the thin end of of a hugely more vibrant, diverse scene and vibe, where super skilled, hand built engineering meets a mix of retro and more modern design to create stunning looking machines that truly show off the art and science of Custom Bike Building.

The bikes are beautiful, every one of them a work of mechanical art, original design, hand built for max enjoyment and pleasure.

She takes you to a special place, man and machine flying as one. It's more than riding, it's a joyous sense of truly living in the moment.

These Mean Birds are our source of inspiration for Mean Bird Motorcycles Clothing brand , the Custom Builders Apparel brand. 

Check out our Mean Bird launch range  - Run with your own crowd , not the crowd

In 2019, we had renowned Custom Bike Builder, Kevin Dunworth, create our very own Mean Bird, which we launched at Blings Cycles in Daytona Beach during Daytona Bike Week 2020 - check out this video of the bike build!