No Sweat


These days, value isn't just about price. It's about real quality and what you get for your money.


Our gear is designed and built to last - like we say, "Gear with Grit."

Our suppliers are based in Europe, producing low volumes which allows for greater attention to detail.

We choose top quality fabrics which age well, wear well and still look the part after years of wear and tear. 

We spend more on trums such as woven care labels to make sure you can still read them long after the first wash, and more.

We have a rock solid No Sweat policy, refusing to work with suppliers who treat their employees badly, exploiting the masses to line the pockets of the few. 

For all these reasons our customers thank us time and time again for supplying great gear, which they wear and cherish, at a sensible price which they appreciate. 

That's long term thinking - and real value for money in action. 

That's what makes us different.