Our Red Riders

When we first set out to shake things up with our game-changing design and build quality we knew we had to find a similarly maverick brand ambassador with real personality who shared our attention to detail, was a straight talker and also had a habit of shaking things up.

In addition to a formal sponsorship deal, we design, produce and sell a range of premium quality gear for our Red Riders ( John McGuinnessGuy MartinConor CumminsLee Johnston and Dean Harrison) who also receive a cut of the revenue from each item sold.

I have to say that the friendships we‘ve formed with all of our Red Riders, and the fun we’ve had on the road with them is a testament to how well we get on as real people, not just business partners.

They are a truly rare and special breed of professional sportsmen in a sea of overpaid, underwhelming, cocky twats. One minute they are racing at ridiculously fast speeds, with incredible skill and determination in what we reckon is still the purest form of motorsport on the planet. The next minute they are meeting and chatting with fans and friends as if they had just done their milk round.

It is a real honour and a pleasure to work with these guys.